About GIFsmos

Got a mathy blog or website? Then you know that sometimes a static image just won't do. That's where GIFsmos comes in. Take any dynamic Desmos graph and GIF-ify it, like so:

Start by creating a brand new graph, or import one that you've already got saved. (If you're not sure how to use the calculator, now's a good time to head over to Desmos.com and learn about an awesome tool.) Then just hit record, drag your parameters around, and hit stop.

That's it. Each time you record you'll see a preview of your animated GIF, and whenever you're happy you can download the full-size version to paste up all over the Internet. Enjoy!

Try it out

GIFsmos has the Desmos API as its beating heart, and uses the GifShot library from the Yahoo! team to generate the animated images. Crafted with love (and bugs) by Chris Lusto, under the gracious tutelage of Desmos CEO Eli Luberoff and card-carrying API wizard Jason Merrill, who have also generously provided hosting support. If you're so inclined, you can check out the code on GitHub.